OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6G 240GB Solid State Drive Review

Testing – Sandra Physical Disks & Anvil
Sandra Physical Disks benchmark is built into SiSoftware’s Sandra software suite. It tests drive performance and gives you a drive score and random access time.

sandra read

sandra write

I was really suprised with the low write score.  I saw this same issue with the HyperX drive from Kingston.  I assume it is an issue with Sandra.

We have added a new benchmark to our battery of SSD benchmarks.  It is the Anvil Storage Utilities, which is a really great piece of software.  It is still in its beta stage, but we are very impressed.  The SSD benchmark gives you scores for both read and write as well as a combined score.


anvil graph

Looks like we have a new winner in Anvil!  The Mercury Extreme Pro 6G beat the Kingston HyperX with a score of 4387.23.  We used Anvil’s threaded I/O test to benchmark IOPS.  The block size was set at 4k and the queue depth was set at 32.  As you can see below it also is the new winner of this test too!


anvil graph2

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