Patriot FUEL iON Kit Review

Final Thoughts
Well I have been using the Patriot FUEL iON Kit for a few weeks now and it has replaced not only the case I had on my phone, but all of my charging cables as well. The biggest thing for me is convenience and the fact I can actually see my phone when it is charging. Not only on my desk, but in the car as well. The magnetic charging allows me to not go searching for cables all of the time as I can just place my phone on the stand and it will instantly start charging. The magnetic technology also allows the phone to stay in place and not fall over. This means I can actually use my phone without having to pick it up etc.

I have always used typical lightning cables and I would always end up forgetting them at home and not everyone has one, but with the FUEL iON it gives me the ability to use a microUSB cable to charge my iPhone, which is a plus. The case itself provides good protection for the phone and actually is not overly large, which I do like.

The Charging Car Mount is a nice addition to this kit and if you drive your car a lot it would totally recommend it. It installs easily and gives you an extra USB port if needed. Once again all you have to do is place your phone by the pad and it will “snap” on securing your phone and charging it at the same time. I have driven with the car mount and my phone has not fell off once so I would say it is pretty secure there. Also it is nice to just grab my phone off the charging pad when I get out of the car. No wires to disconnect or anything like that.

The only issue I really had with the FUEL iON is the headphone port on the case cannot be used with headphones that have a 90 degree angle on them. The headphones that come with the iPhone will work just fine, but others may not.

If you are looking for an easier way to charge your mobile devices the Patriot FUEL iON Kit is the perfect thing. Right now the iPhone 5/5s kit that we reviewed today is selling for $49.99 at my favorite online retailer and the Charging Car Mount also selling for $49.99. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Patriot FUEL iON Kit a 10 out of 10 score and our Recommended Award!

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– No need for cables
– Magnetic technology not only charges but hold device in place
– Case is not overly large
– Enables microUSB charging of iPhone
– Case offers good protection
– Stand and car mount offers easy view of device

– Some aftermarket headphone might not work with the case

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