Patriot Gauntlet Node Wireless Enclosure Review

To test the wireless speed of the Gauntlet I went ahead and mapped the network drive and used both ATTO Disk Benchmark and CrystalDiskMark to test the speeds of the drive, both of which support network drives.  Starting with ATTO you can see we have topped out at 1.989 MB/s read and 1.235 MB/s write.

atto wifi

These scores seem extremely low right? Wrong!  Since we are transferring over the network we need to convert the transfer speeds from MB/s to Mbps to measure the bandwidth.  The conversion is actually really easy as 1 MB/s = 8 Mbps.  So 1.989 MB/s read is 15.912 Mbps and 1.235 MB/s write is 9.88 Mbps.  Keep in mind the Gauntlet provides this bandwidth for up to 8 devices.

crystal wifi

Moving on to CrystalDiskMark the Gauntlet scored sequential read and write scores of 2.033 MB/s and 1.228 MB/s respectively.  That is 16.264 Mbps read and 9.824 Mbps write.

So how was streaming media on the Gauntlet node?  Using the iOS app I streamed both 720p and 1080p content without any issues at all.  It sure beats watching low quality YouTube videos!

Because you are able to use the Gauntlet Node as a pass-through device for your internet connection I wanted to see how that would affect performance.  Using I saw about a 5 Mbps difference in download speeds.  This is not a huge difference and would not be noticeable to the average user.

Connected directly to WiFi

Connected to Gauntlet Node

The Gauntlet not only acts as a wireless enclosure, but you can access it via the USB 3.0 connection on the device.  Now transfer speeds here really depend on the installed hard drive, which in our case is a Toshiba HDD2J94 2.5-inch 5400RPM SATA || drive.  Here are both results from ATTO and CrystalDiskMark.



Good results here, remember if you have a faster drive like a solid state drive your results will be even better.

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