Phanteks Launches Eclipse P600s and Evolv X Matte White Edition Cases, Along with Gen4 PCIe Riser Cables

Phanteks announced the launch of the new Eclipse P600s and Evolv X Matte White Edition along with the Gen4 PCI-e Riser Cables. Its stunning all-new matte white look makes the Evolv X and Eclipse P600s a perfect combination for color-themed builds while maintaining a wide range of flexibility and premium materials.

Evolv X & Eclipse P600S Matte White Edition
The Evolv X and Eclipse P600s are mid-tower cases that offer dual system capabilities, massive storage, and extensive water-cooling support. The Evolv X features a 3 mm aluminium exterior with hinged clear tempered glass, improved airflow, smart spacing, and additional mesh elements. The P600s, a hybrid forged between silent and high-performance chassis. Designed with an effective soundproofing panel and Phanteks’ new high-airflow fabric, the Eclipse P600s offers the full potential of two opposites, minimum noise, and maximum airflow. Whether it’s a high-end water-cooling build, professional data storage system, or even a dual-system PC, both cases can accommodate your desired configuration thanks to the effective interior design that utilizes the space efficiently.

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SK PWM D-RGB White Fans
The SK fans are known from the award-winning Eclipse Series chassis such as the P400A and its cooling performance. The built-in PWM capabilities help precisely control the speed to offer higher airflow or a quiet cooling solution when needed. The new white SK D-RGB models further complement the new white chassis available from Phanteks.

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Complete range of Gen4 PCIe Riser Cables and Vertical GPU Bracket
The new Gen4 Vertical GPU Bracket allows vertical placement of any graphics card with full Gen4 speeds. Designed specifically for the P300A/P360A/P400A chassis that have an open PCI slot to allow the Vertical GPU Bracket to be installed directly. Any other ATX chassis can be easily modded to support the Gen4 Vertical GPU Bracket. Graphic Cards with up to 4-slot sizes are supported with access to ports on the first 2 slots. The included 220 mm long PCIe Gen4 x16 Riser Cable allows any Gen4 graphics card to run at full speed without compromise.

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Also, Phanteks will offer the Flat Line PCIe Gen4 x16 Riser Cables. The dual-layer design improves the performance and stability of the high bandwidth signals ensuring the system are running stable and reliable. Each individual laneway is shielded from EMI/EFI interference to prevent interference between channels to further improve signal integrity. The Flat Line riser cables will be available in 150 mm (90-degree adapter), 220 mm (90-degree adapter), and 300 mm (180-degree adapter).

Pricing and Availability: – January 2022
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