Phanteks New Power Splitter Allows You To Power Two Systems With One PSU

Phanteks has just announced a very interesting product in their PH-PWSPR_1P2M, which is a power splitter with Isolated Dual System Technology. It essentially allows you to use a single power supply to power two different systems. It has the ability to run both systems at once or each system individually.

Phanteks Power Splitter

This power splitter gives you the ability to use a single power supply in cases that support dual system integration much like Phanteks own Enthoo Mini XL. The power splitter has a very small footprint so it does not take up much space in your system at all.

Phanteks Power Splitter

A device like this is ideal for someone who might be testing or running multiple systems at once. The perfect example would be running this with a single power supply for the test benches we have here!

Phanteks Power Splitter

The power splitter will be available starting in December with an MSRP of $29.99. Here are some more details provided by Phanteks.

Patented Isolated Dual System Technology
Using the Power Splitter, users will be able to run two fully functional systems with only one power supply. Now you can have two individual systems in one case independently of one another.

Full Compatibility
The Power Splitter protects and controls the 12V/5V/3.3V/+5VSB circuit to the motherboard to ensure full compatibility to mITX, uATX, ATX, and E-ATX motherboards.

Anti-Noise Inrush Protection Circuit
Helps to protect and stabilize the voltage signal level and also enables the power supply’s various protection to prevent damage caused by inrush current surges.

Quick Release
The Power Splitter features quick release buttons that will allow for cables to be release with just a push of the button.

LED On/Off Indicator
When the power supply is connected to the Power Splitter and is “ON”, the Input LED indicator will light up to show that it is active. The Output LED indicator light will illuminate when its corresponding system is running. This feature helps determine if the unit is working properly and that all cables are connected correctly.

Compatible with Standard Extension Cables
The Power Splitter unit is compatible with Phanteks’ extension cables and all standard M/B extension cables on the market. (Extension cables not included)

Drop-N-Lock Compatible
The Power Splitter can be mounted to any case using the Hook and Loop and can also be mounted to the Enthoo Mini XL’s Drop-N-Lock mounting location.

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