Philips ActionFit ST702 Wireless Earbuds Review

Usage & Final Thoughts

Getting the ActionFit ST702 Wireless Earbuds paired with your device should be quite simple. Just take them out of the case, once removed from the case they auto-power on. If it is your first time using the earbuds they will go into auto-pairing mode. On your device just look for “Philips ST702” and click to pair. I had no problem pairing my iPhone X with these earbuds.

I have been using these earbuds for a couple of weeks now and I have to say they have got me back on team earbuds! When working out I would always use a sort of “sport” over-the-ear headphones. Mainly because most earbuds sounded like crap and would never stay in my ears. Well that all has changed with the Philips ActionFit ST702’s! The sounds is great, I am actually really impressed with how good these sounds for just being earbuds. Secondly they STAY IN YOUR EARS! I would hate being on a run and having earbuds come flying off my ears. These stay in so effortlessly and are extremely comfortable.

These are workout earbuds and when you’ve taken your pre-workout and are jacked up to get going you don’t want to wait to pair your earbuds. As soon as you open the case they power on and connect to your device. No holding and pressing a button for 3 seconds and waiting for them to pair. It just gets you going faster. The touch-controls on each earbud allow you to cycle through music, play/pause, answer calls, and even use Siri / Google Assistant. These means you don’t have to stop your workout to do these things on your phone. These controls were a bit hard at first, but I got the hang of them, being that the button is not a physical button, but rather a touch-sensitive one you are likely to mess up the command here and there. It would have also been nice to have some type of volume control by maybe swiping up or down on the earbuds.

Philips ActionFit ST702 Wireless Earbuds

Another thing that is great about these earbuds is that they have an IPX5 waterproof rating. So even if you are sweating all over them they will be fine. You can run in the rain or even wear them in the shower!

The charging case is something that will add bulk to your setup, I mean you could just have a charging cable right? Well I had a Y-USB cable for an old set of wireless earbuds I had, and well each time I wanted to charge I had to open a small flap on each earbud and plug them in. With the charging case I easily just set the earbuds inside and they start charging. Also the case has a battery in it, so even if I’m not where I can plug in I am still able to charge the earbuds. And remember with the quick charge only 15 minutes of charging gives you 1.5 hours of use.

The charging case also has a UV cleaning feature so each time you set them in to charge and close the case it will kill bacteria. In times like these a feature like this is definitely appreciated! The charging case uses a MicroUSB connection, which is fine, but it would have been nice to see a Type-C connection here.

Right now these earbuds are selling at our favorite online retailer for $159.04, which put them on the more expensive end of wireless earbuds, but I think you are getting what you pay for. These are going to sounds better, have an IPX5 rating, and an awesome charging case with UV cleaning. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Philips ActionFit ST702 Wireless Earbuds a 9 out of 10 score!

rating9 10

– Very comfortable
– Impressive sound
– Stay in your ears when working out
– Charging case with UV cleaning
– IPX5 waterproof
– Power on as soon as you open the charging case
– Can take calls

– No touch volume controls
– Would have been nice to see a USB-C instead of MicroUSB for charging the case
– Easy to mess up the touch controls

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