PlayStation 5 Slim Leaks Out!

A new photo that has appeared online today was originally shared by a user on the Chinese A9VG forums. The picture displays a revised look for the Sony PS5 console, which insiders are referring to as the ‘SLIM’ version. This version is probably the next release of the popular gaming console, matching descriptions given by other sources.

IMG 7194

Although the design largely retains the visual characteristics of the existing PS5 series, a noticeable change comes in the form of a central rear slit. As per other sources, the design is said to be roughly 5cm shorter, without necessarily being slimmer. Furthermore, reports indicate that this iteration will feature two USB Type-C ports on the front and a less curved Blu-ray drive housing compared to the original console.

IMG 7195

Sony has yet to officially announce any plans for a new console launch. However, a continuous flow of speculations suggests the potential for a PS5 version featuring a removable disc drive. If these speculations prove accurate, it could present gamers with the choice of buying a more budget-friendly digital-only edition and later obtaining the drive separately. Nevertheless, it’s uncertain whether these rumors refer to the mentioned console or if they pertain to a feature of a test kit that is said to be in the possession of certain individuals.

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Images Credit: BwE