PS5 Pro Digital Edition To Be Priced Around $500

Potential details about the PS5 Pro, including a speculated price, have surfaced. Previous rumors regarding the upgraded console’s specs, such as GPU, CPU, and memory, find some support in a recent video by ‘Moore’s Law is Dead.’ However, confirmation is lacking for the rumored CPU clock speeds. The video suggests Sony’s intention to utilize 16GB of GDDR6 memory (18Gbps) on a 256-bit bus, with the GPU featuring 60 CUs initially, but Sony planning to disable 4, resulting in 56 active CUs. Notably, the video suggests a projected holiday 2024 launch for the PS5 Pro, according to information from AMD.

In the ‘Moore’s Law is Dead’ video, the YouTuber discusses a potential price for the rumored Pro model, suggesting it could be as low as $500 for a version without a disc drive. According to the YouTuber, the production cost for this Pro model doesn’t significantly exceed the cost of the original PS5 in 2020. The analysis points to the use of 16GB of RAM, emphasizing the possibility of cost-saving measures, potentially even lower than the initial PS5 launch costs.

ps5 standard edition

I’m not seeing anything in this console that really makes the price to make it late this year, more than the price to make a PS5 back in 2020. Not drastically more, maybe a little more, but not drastically more.”

In December last year, ‘Moore’s Law is Dead’ had already indicated that the PS5 Pro could prove to be highly developer-friendly, demanding minimal effort from developers to achieve improved performance. While Sony has not officially confirmed the pro model, speculations indicate a potential release by the end of this year.