Raidmax Cobra PC Case Review

A Look Inside
Once inside the case you will notice one big thing that stand out, the motherboard tray is neon green!  This again is something you don’t normally see.  It will really make your installed hardware “pop”.  The motherboard tray does have 4 routing holes, while they do not have rubber inserts the metal is rounded so you shouldn’t rip your cables or cut yourself.

Raidmax Cobra PC Case Raidmax Cobra PC Case

The three 5.25-inch drive bays use a simple tool-less system.  If you choose that you don’t want to use the system it can be removed and you can use screws.  Moving down there are two hard drive cages.  The top cage has room for 4 drives and the bottom has room for 3 drives.  While the bottom cage has only support for 3.5-inch drives the top cage can be adjusted to support both 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch drives.  You could also completely remove the left part of the cage to make room for larger video cards.

Raidmax Cobra PC Case Raidmax Cobra PC Case

The bottom of the case has room for a 120mm fan, that is if you don’t install a larger power supply.  The section for the power supply has 4 rubber feet that will keep it up off the bottom of the case.  There is not a tool-less system on your expansion slots, just the normal screws.

Raidmax Cobra PC Case Raidmax Cobra PC Case

Taking a look at the exhaust fan, it is a plain Raidmax 120mm fan.  It does give you the option to use a 3pin or molex power connection.  There is a very large CPU cutout on the motherboard tray.  This will allow you to install an aftermarket CPU cooler without having to remove your motherboard from the case.  Raidmax has gone ahead and installed the standoffs as well.

Raidmax Cobra PC Case Raidmax Cobra PC Case

If we take the second side panel off we can see how the case is set up.  There is actually quite a lot of room behind the motherboard tray.  Measuring it up there is 0.9-inches, which should give you ample room for all of our cables.

Raidmax Cobra PC Case Raidmax Cobra PC Case Raidmax Cobra PC Case

Raidmax does include a box of goodies which has all of the rails for the drives, screws, a speaker, two zip ties and the user’s manual.

Raidmax Cobra PC Case

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