Raijintek Thetis Window Chassis Review

Final Thoughts
For being the first Raijintek case we’ve taken a look at I am very impressed. As I mentioned this case has that great aluminum design with the extremely elegant brushed aluminum front finish. If that is not enough you do have two 3mm-thick tempered glass side panels. The panels are tinted so you really won’t be able to see inside your case all that much unless you have a light strip in there.

The case is designed so your motherboard actually sits upside down inside the case. This makes it so the normal back side panel is actually the main side panel of your case. We do like this, especially for people who will have this case sitting on the left side of their desk. It does make it sort of weird seeing the logos on your graphics cards upside down though.

The case comes with a single 120 mm exhaust fan, it would have been nice to have at least 1 more fan included. You do have room for three more 120 mm fans or a 280 mm radiator. Air flow is going to be somewhat of an issue in this case as it is so compact so you are going to want to keep that in mind.

Talking about being so compact this is one of the most compact ATX cases you are going to find. But you still can build a pretty badass system inside with full-length graphics cards, normal ATX power supplies, and even a 240 mm AiO. That is quite impressive as when you look at this case you swear it is a Micro-ATX case. Being so small it is going to take up less room and fit easier on your desk.

I did find a couple of thing on this case I am not the biggest fan of. First power supply installation is a little difficult, I think Raijintek could have made this easier. Also when you plug in the power supply the connector actually covers the power switch on your power supply. Also there are only two zip ties included with this case, throwing some more in there would make organizing your cables much easier. Finally you could run into issues if you have a longer power supply, it could effectively block your graphics cards.

At the end of the day we really do like the Raijintek Thethis Window Chassis, it enabled you to build a very compact ATX system and still fit full-size components. It does have a few issues which we touched on, but for its price of $89.99 at our favorite online retailer we feel it is totally worth it. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Raijintek Thetis Window Chassis an 8 out of 10 score.

rating8 10

– Aluminum design
– Dual 3mm-thick tempered glass side panels
– Fits full-size ATX components in a small foot print
– Plenty of room to route and hide cables
– Price

– Power supply installation could be easier
– Power supply cable blocks switch on the power supply
– Longer power supplies could block graphics cards

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