Razer Viper V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

Razer Synapse Software

Like all Razer accessories in order to customize the mouse you’ll user Razer’s Synapse Software. Opening it up you see all of your Razer devices listed.

razer viper v2 pro ss1

Clicking into the Viper V2 Pro the first thing you are brought to is your key bindings. All of the buttons on the mouse are reprogrammable. There are quite a lot of options here too from simple keyboard functions to launching programs, or even multimedia controls.

razer viper v2 pro ss2 razer viper v2 pro ss3

The next tab is performance. Here you can set the 5 different DPI levels. You’ll notice these correspond with different colors, so when you press the DPI button on the mouse you’ll know what level you are on. You can also set the polling rate on this screen.

razer viper v2 pro ss4

After Performance we have Calibration. Here you can set smart tracking to low, medium, or high. This sets a single cut off point to your preferred distance regardless of the surface it is placed on. There is an option to enable asymmetric cut-off. If this is enabled you get to set the landing and lift-off to your preferred distance in mm.

razer viper v2 pro ss5 razer viper v2 pro ss6

The final tab is Power. The first option is Wireless Power Saving which lets you set when the mouse goes into sleep mode. The second option is low power mode which sets when the mouse will enter low power mode. Low power mode will disable tracking speed and and sensor acceleration in order to conserve battery life.

razer viper v2 pro ss7

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