Razer Viper V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

Usage & Final Thoughts

Last year when I took a look at Razer’s Viper Ultimate I absolutely loved it. So I was a bit surprised when Razer reached out about the Viper V2 Pro, but then after thinking about it, it makes perfect sense. When it comes to lightweight gaming mice you are typically torn between the ultra-light (40-60g) wired mice and the lightweight (60-80g) wireless mice. It seems Razer wants to bridge that gap with the Viper V2 Pro.

The thing that is really impressive about this mouse is that they were able to do this by not cutting out any real core features that effect the performance and feel of the mouse. They are not using cheaper materials, they did not cut down the size of the mouse, and they did not put in a lighter lower-spec sensor. They were actually able to improve on many aspects of the Viper Ultimate while still cutting the weight down.

For those who say there is not a different between the 58g and 74g of the Viper V2 Pro and Viper Ultimate I urge you to use both mice side by side. In my testing the Viper V2 Pro feels obviously lighter and glides better as well. I also really like how the two main buttons have a more tactile feel and how the side buttons are not as flush with the side of the mouse so they are easier to press.

In my testing I did not run into a single issues with the Viper V2 Pro. The sensor is as accurate as you’re going to get, the wireless connectivity is fast and there were no missed clicks or input lag. This is going to be my main mouse going forward, replacing the SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless from their Ghost Collection. It is lighter and overall has a better feel to me.

It is worth noting that one obvious thing is missing from the Viper V2 Pro that you did get with the Viper Ultimate is the wireless charging dock. This little dock made it so easy to charge the Viper Ultimate and allowed you to display it when not in use. You can see why it is not included here though as the wireless charging hardware would add more weight to the mouse. Also on the Ultimate there were two buttons on the right side of the mouse, you are losing those on the Viper V2 Pro. I never used those on the Ultimate, but if you did it could be a big deal.

Coming to the end here I am very impressed with the Viper V2 Pro. I think it is the perfect lightweight wireless gaming mouse that gets under that 60g mark allowing it to compete with many other wired lightweight gaming mice. Again I am very impressed that Razer was able to pull this off keeping the same style and even upgrading some of the components inside. With that said Razer is pricing this mouse at $149.99, which I feel is a bit steep, even for a Razer product. The Viper Ultimate was $129.99 with its fancy wireless charger, I would be OK with the Viper V2 Pro being that same price given its upgrades. The price is the ONLY reason I am not giving this mouse a perfect 10 out of 10 score. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Razer Viper V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse a 9 out of 10 score and our Recommended Award!

rating9 10 TC award recommended

– New 30K sensor
– Only 58g for a wireless mouse
– A more tactile feel
– Optional side grips installed
– Great overall performance

– Price seems a bit high

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