ROCCAT Kone XTD Gaming Mouse Review

Testing & Usage
To get the driver software, be sure to check out the installation manual that comes with the mouse. You can also visit the support tab on

I spent a few days playing around with this mouse as my main mouse for web browsing & gaming. I can tell you as a fact, this is my new mouse. It was hard to get me away from my previous mouse, but the Roccat Kone XTD is honestly an overall incredible mouse, and here’s why.

The current games I’m playing now is, Neverwinter, Marvel Heroes, and Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm. A mix of everything for play testing this mouse.

When playing Neverwinter, an MMORPG, I’ve actually never experienced a single issue. I preset my in-game buttons to do specific actions for the two buttons on the left side of the Kone XTD. When using the side buttons for other actions, I never experienced issues at all. The flow of moving my thumb to press one of the left side buttons was effortlessly. I never worried about where the buttons were, or how hard to press, they are very responsive.

When jumping over to Marvel Heroes (Diablo 3 type of game), it’s the same thing. Everything is incredibly responsive, never experienced a single issue. Sometimes you need to click quickly in this game, and the Kone XTD never let me down in doing so.

I’m a big Starcraft 2 player, and I was really looking for problems to happen when playing. The only issue I have with the Kone XTD when playing Starcraft 2 is the mouse is a much bigger mouse. I like a very light speedy mouse for quick reactions. This mouse is not heavy, but my main SC2 mouse is the Zowie Mico, which honestly, can’t compare to the Kone XTD in terms of size and mobility. Using the Kone XTD though when playing, it seemed like I didn’t experience any drawbacks though, like I was able to execute all my commands, select all the units needed to select and so forth. I only use the left mouse click mainly, and with almost no give when clicking, everything seemed great. My mind though was still wrapped around the size though, but that’s a personal issue. This is still all a personal preference that all depends on your play style.

When it comes to the Easyshift+ technology, I never got used to it. It’s like driving a semi-truck, in order to get to the higher gears, you have to switch shifter’s, then you can shift into higher gear. When it comes to gaming, this is honestly to slow for me. And also, how do you know you are in high gear or low gears with this mouse? I’m not saying the Easyshift+ is not a great feature, but if you do not have the Roccat keyboard to make the job easier, then it’s going to take more than a day to get used to.