ROCCAT Kone XTD Gaming Mouse Review

ROCCAT Kone XTD Overview
Once you have the mouse setup, you’ll see how big the mouse really is. The weight for the Kone XTD is honestly light for a mouse, but some people might say it’s heavy. This is all based on preference of course, but I find the mouse perfectly weighted without the added weights.


The matte black finish on the mouse is actually quite nice, the rubber feel has a nice grip to it making sure your fingers won’t go anywhere, but it doesn’t have that stuck feeling. The mouse itself has eight buttons, but the mouse wheel is actually two extra buttons itself plus the up and down scrolling. What that means is, the mouse wheel can be pushed left or right for additional two buttons. And if you use Roccat’s Easy+Shift[+] technology, this mouse will have 23 total buttons to use.


On the bottom of the Kone XTD, is mainly the weight system. No additional buttons, just serial info and the access hatch to place up to four weights. Since I enjoy the mouse itself without any additional weight, the four remaining weights will be stowed away for life of this mouse. The hatch itself is fairly easy to open and close, and putting in and taking out the weights are not as difficult, but you can push down the weight into its socket for a fairly tight fitting, and you will need pliers to remove it if you do.


As far as the movement of this mouse, I use the Steelseries QKT mousepad (one of the best around), and the movement of the Kone XTD on it is fairly incredible. The three footing system moves smoothly, and with incredible perception.


Let’s take a look at driver software for the Kone XTD, which makes this mouse just so much more exceptional.