ROCCAT Lua Gaming Mouse Review

Software and Testing
When I first started using the Lua all I could think of was ‘Jay’ saying “I feel like I’m gonna break this damn thing” in reference to the Noisy Cricket.

The Lua is so small and lightweight that you quickly forget about Roccat’s solid construction. Seeing that I’m a larger handed human being the Lua is just a tad on the small side for my liking. I know my hands certainly aren’t the norm so the size shouldn’t be an issue for the majority of its users.

The rubber soft-touch coating on the top of the mouse started showing oil from my fingers just after the first use but was easily cleaned up with an alcohol wipe. You can never be too sanitary. The roughness of the sides of the Lua is great. The mouse has a really nice contour from the bottom so you can really grab the sides of the mouse. The Lua touts this texture as a ‘No Sweat’ texture but I don’t have a tendency to get sweaty palms so I couldn’t confirm or deny this feature.

Performance-wise the Lua is on par with any of the other top gaming mice I’ve tested in regardless to smoothness transitioning on the screen. The mouse doesn’t drift or skip and has excellent lift-stop. My favorite part of the Lua has to be the LED Roccat logo on the butt of the mouse. Sometimes I can’t stop looking at how smooth the “breathing” LEDs are. Roccat really pwns everyone else when it comes to aesthetic LED lights in there mice.

The Lua’s software is broken down into 3 main tabs. The first tab is the ‘Main Control’ tab. On this tab you’ll find all the main functional changes that you would find per the control panel plus much more. If you press the DPI switching button behind the scroll wheel you can visually see the DPI change on the screen. You can change the ‘Windows Pointer Speed’, the ‘Double-Click Speed’, the ‘Vertical Scroll-Speed’ and ‘Polling Rate’ from this same screen.


The next tab is the ‘Advanced Control’ tab. On this tab you can change the lighting effect for the Roccat logo on the back of the Lua. You can also set the orientation of the mouse buttons for all you Lefties out there. The button assignment is rather generic seeing that you can’t do anything with either of the 2 primary buttons but it does allow you to function-select for all the other buttons.


The last tab is pretty self explanatory. ‘Update/Support’ is a tab I think I’ve seen on every version of Roccat Configuration software I’ve looked at thus far. The ‘Driver Download’ and ‘Online Support’ buttons link you to the website where you can find updates and FAQ’s on every Roccat product.


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