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ROCCAT Renga Gaming Headset Review

ROCCAT Renga Gaming Headset Overview
The ROCCAT Renga is noticeably smaller than other gaming headsets as it has a more streamlined design. Picking it up it is also lighter than many of the other headsets we have here. It weighs in at only 230g, which ROCCAT says is 30% lighter than competing headsets. the heatset is not all that flashy and has an all black design. Attached to the headset on the left side you have an omni-directional microphone, which can be adjusted for the perfect placement. It however cannot be fully removed from the headset.

ROCCAT Renga Gaming Headset

Moving down to the ear cups these feature 50 mm neodymium magnet drivers inside. ROCCAT tells us these drivers have been aligned for 100% gaming focus. The ear cups have plus cushions to ensure comfort and are actually ventilated. The ventilated ear cups and lighter design makes this headset suitable for countless hours of continued use.

ROCCAT Renga Gaming Headset

The headset has an ergonomic headband that will automatically adjust to your head when you put the headset on. The only thing that worries me about this headband is that it really has no cushioning at all. Although, being that this headset is so light it might not be a big deal.

ROCCAT Renga Gaming Headset ROCCAT Renga Gaming Headset

This headset has the signature blue ROCCAT cabling. Coming off the left earcup is the audio cable which has inline controls for volume up and down as well as microphone mute. When you reach the end of the cable it splits into two cables, one for the main audio connection, and the other for the microphone. ROCCAT does include a Y-adapter that will put these two cables back into a single cable for mobile phones and other devices that have a single combination audio port.

ROCCAT Renga Gaming Headset

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