Rosewill RX355-X2 External Hard Drive Enclosure Review

Usage & Testing
The first thing that I noticed when I turned the enclosure on was the noise! I mean I expected some noise from the 2 cooling fans, but these fans were annoyingly loud. At first I thought they might be loose or something so I rechecked and they are flat out just loud! If you want a quiet working environment then you will have some issues with this enclosure. Also when you turn the enclosure on the front of it lights up, which is pretty cool.

Rosewill RX355-X2 External Hard Drive Enclosure Rosewill RX355-X2 External Hard Drive Enclosure

Now for testing we used HD Tune to test the speed of the enclosure. We ran both USB and eSATA tests, here are the results…

The tests are mark on what we got on previous tests with the same hard drive used in other enclosures.

Final Thoughts
It’s good to see more and more enclosures have the eSATA option as it beats everything else out there and every motherboard has SATA connections now. This enclosure makes it easy for anyone to have an external hard drive because it takes very little knowledge of computers to install the drive and get the enclosure up and running. If you can follow simple instructions you are good to go. The drive also looks pretty cool when it is powered on.

The biggest downfall to this drive is that the 2 cooling fans make quite a lot of noise. Noise that would definitely get on your nerves if you were trying to concentrate on something important. I’m not sure if the model I received was bad or what but to me the noise was unacceptable.

This is one of the only eSATA external drive enclosures that is under $50 so I would say you are getting what you pay for. Unlike other enclosures this one is plastic and like I said there are noise issues. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Rosewill RX355-X2 External Hard Drive Enclosure a 7 out of 10 score.

– Price
– Easy Installation

– Made of plastic
– Fans are way too loud!

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