RTX Voice Now Supports Non-RTX Graphics Cards

NVIDIA’s RTX Voice suite was a great add-on for RTX graphics card users, we use it weekly when we record out podcast. When RTX Voice was released it was touted as an exclusive piece of software for RTX graphics cards as it would make sure of the cards Tensor cores to do the audio processing. Not long after the voice app was released a simple hack was released that allowed the software to work on older GTX graphics cards.

Well it appears that NVIDIA has quietly patched the software to support all GeForce GTX graphics cards supported under their 410.18 driver or newer. This means that you can officially use RTX Voice with NVIDIA cards from the 30-series all the way down to the GTX 600 series.

nvidia rtx voice

Remember if you are using a 20 or 30-series RTX card you are better off using RTX Voice’s successor, RTX Broadcast which not only includes the voice feature, but also adds a webcam feature that allows you to setup virtual background when streaming or video chatting.

Via Toms Hardware

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