Samsung Exynos 2200 with RDNA 2 GPU Tested

Samsung Xclipse 920, the first mobile series based on Samsung’s in-house Exynos processor is yet to hit the shelves, but has shown up on the Geekbench database. Samsung Exynos (AMD RDNA2) GPU gives a 25% better result than Adreno 730 in the Vulkan speed test. The Samsung Exynos SoC proves to be around 50% faster in OpenCL.

The clock speed figures of the GPU and CPU have not been revealed. Similarly, the performance figures are also not known yet. The Exynos chip has been listed with a 555MHz clock speed, which is very less than it should be, and therefore is unlikely to be correct. The Xclipse 920 GPU is recognized as GFX1040 GPU, thus confirming that it belongs to the AMD RDNA2 product family.

exynos 2200 2

The new mobile series will have a 1+3+4 core design. The single and the most powerful core is based on ARM Cortex X2 design, the triple-core setup is based entirely on Cortex A710, and the four power-efficient cores form Cortex A510 as a basis. Xclipse 920 GPU powers the graphics and is based on AMD RDNA2 graphics IP. The series is expected to feature around 6 Compute Units, giving 384 Stream Processors.

The OpenCL benchmarks show the score of RDNA2 GPU to be up to 9143 points, 50.7% higher than the best score listed by Spandragon Gen1. In Vulkan, which is a gaming-related graphics API, the Samsung processor goes up to 25.5% faster than Qualcomm’s (9143 vs to 7285).

Samsung did not confirm which devices will feature Exynos 2200 GPU, but the international version of the series is expected to be the first one to be equipped with the GPU. The company has not confirmed the launch date of the series yet but two renowned leaksters have suggested the launch date to be February 9th.

Via Tom’s Hardware