SilverStone PP07E Braided Extension Cables Review

You buy all of your gear, it comes in, you build your PC, and taking a look at it, it seems like something is missing. It might be our opinion, but we think systems looks so much better with braided and individually sleeved power supply cables. These have become extremely popular over the past few years and you can actually buy fully sleeved kits made for your power supply. These are great, but if you have a case that is made to hide most of your power supply cables it is sort of a waste to buy a full kit. That is where SilverStone has come in with their new PP07E Braided Extension Cables. These are individually sleeved and braided extension cables made for your 24-pin ATX, PCI-Express, and EPS connections. They simply plug in to the cables already connected to your power supply so they are compatible with any ATX power supply out there. This will give you that sleek finished look to your build without any work and of course saving you a ton over buying a fully sleeved kit.

Special thanks to SilverStone for providing us with the PP07E Braided Extension Cables to review.


SilverStone is currently offering these cables in 24-pin ATX, 8-pin (4+4) EPS, and 8-pin (6+2) PCI-Express versions. They sent us one of each to try out, they come in pretty simple bags.

SilverStone PP07E Braided Extension Cables

For those wondering here are the actual product names for each of the connectors, as you can see they are offered in all black as well as black / white versions.

ppo7e list

Each cable comes with four cable combs as well to keep them nice and organized once you have them installed in your system.

SilverStone PP07E Braided Extension Cables

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