Stealthy-looking Intel box CPU coolers now included with Comet Lake CPUs

Intel made a silent move to improve the aesthetics of its box CPU coolers. Hardware reviewers in China and Vietnam purchased a Comet Lake-based Core i7-10700 processor. Quite surprisingly, Intel made a minor change to its ancient-looking box coolers. Intel never really said or showcased this in any of its marketing material. They silently slipped it in.

The new CPU cooler design for non-K LGA 1200 CPUs

The new boxed cooler shows an all-black heatsink with sleeved fan wiring. Instead of using a bright white and blue coloured Intel logo sticker on the cooler, it printed the logo on it. Aesthetically, it is refreshing. Atleast its not a sight for sore eyes for those who still use a box CPU cooler. Intel’s changes are not just aesthetics. The company reverted to its copper heatbase like the good very old days. Until now, it just gave a CPU cooler which has an all aluminium heatsink and block paperweight. The reason for this addition could be because of the unanticipated power consumption Comet Lake CPUs have by default. Many processors are bundled with box coolers that are designed to handle its TDP.

Still a lot of catching up to do with AMD’s stock CPU coolers

AMD has made major updates since Ryzen gen 1 for its box CPU coolers. It also went to a point that it includes RGB lights. But all the variants of the Ryzen CPU coolers are known for its performance (for a stock CPU cooler), overall providing a better bang for a buck.

LGA 1200 sockets are different from the LGA 115x, but they have the same compatibility when it comes to CPU coolers.
Naturally, Intel could do more. It doesn’t need to look too far away. It did make some good stock CPU coolers in the past, mostly for its extreme high-end CPUs. But Intel needs to consider a better mounting system and get rid of push pins.

Source: CHIPHell

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