Steam Controller Hardware Revision On The Way

Valve’s Steam Controller was released back in October 2015. It was meant to bridge the gap between regular controllers and keyboard and mouse gamers. Since its launch around 400,000 units have been sold. Well it looks like it is set to receive a hardware revision in the near future.

Steam Controller

During a GDC presentation, Valve’s Pierre-Loup Griffais said that the company is looking to upgrade the design of the controller.

“In the future, we are working on a hardware revision to the controller to improve look and feel,” Griffais said. “But we’re pretty happy with the feature set we have now and do not intend to drastically change it, or even change it at all.

“Maybe we’ll throw extra features in here or there, but the controller’s not gonna grow a new touchpad, or a new set of buttons, or a new major feature,” he added.

Upgrading the current Steam controller could alienate current owners of the controller, although it is good to see Valve take suggestions and criticism of the current controller and make changes. We don’t expect changes to the new controller to be that drastic.

Source: PCGamesN | News Archive

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