Supermicro W790 Motherboard For Sapphire Rapids HEDT CPUs Leaked

Videocardz has got their hands on a picture of Intel’s SuperMicro W790 motherboard for next-generation workstation/HEDT CPUs.

Below is the best AI upscaling can do, considering the source image’s very low resolution. In reality, this motherboard is the identical one that a Canadian vendor had offered. This is an expensive workstation motherboard ($960) for the forthcoming 4th Generation Xeon-W series, codenamed Sapphire Rapids-WS.

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It has five PCIe X16 slots (most likely Gen5) and supports 8-channel memory. In addition, it sports a redesigned heatsink for the chipset with the SuperMicro logo and supports three M.2 SSD drives.

There are two SuperMicro motherboards, one for the newer third-generation Xeon based on Socket LGA-4189 (Socket P+) and the other for the older, second-generation Xeon that uses Socket LGA-3647 (Socket P). Surprisingly, each iteration has been updated to the latest PCI Express standard, reaching 5.0 for Sapphire Rapids.

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Intel has yet to officially announce a release date for the new Xeon series, although reports claim Sapphire Rapids for the HEDT market might be revealed as early as February, with a launch in April. This would be a long-overdue update for the Intel HEDT series, which has yet to receive a new part since 2019.

Via Videocardz