Swappable Fans For Radeon RX 7000 GPUs Teased By XFX

The official XFX channel is hinting at a new swappable fan design. This feature was first introduced in the company’s Phoenix Nirvana series, which debuted in China a few weeks ago. The teaser indicates that this series will soon be available worldwide.

IMG 1835

To date, XFX has released RX 7900 XTX, 7900 GRE, and 7800 XT models in this series. These cards all feature the same cooler design and support swappable fans. Additionally, there is a white edition, giving users the option to change the fan color if they wish.

IMG 1838

Since the launch in China, XFX has not offered a way to purchase the fans separately. Consequently, the benefit to end users remains unclear. The only potential advantage might be the ability to request a replacement fan from XFX without having to return the entire card.