ASUS ROG Ally With Ryzen Z1 Extreme Discounted To Just $549

ASUS has set the price of the new ROG Ally X handheld at $799, a significant increase from the ROG Ally 2023’s original MSRP of $699. However, the older model is now experiencing price reductions.

ASUS offers two versions of the 2023 handheld: the Ryzen Z1 Extreme and the Ryzen Z1 non-Extreme. There is a substantial difference in specifications between the two, not just in CPU core count but also in graphics capabilities (12 RDNA3 CUs vs. 4 CUs). The upside is that the non-Extreme version is available at a lower price.

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Since its introduction, the ROG Ally has undergone several price reductions, averaging around $50. This has consistently kept the Ally ahead of the Lenovo Legion GO, which entered the market later and has generally been priced higher. Presently, the Z1 Extreme version is priced at $549, while the non-Extreme variant is available for $399. This marks a reduction of $150 and $200 for each model, respectively.

The updated ROG Ally X retains the same Ryzen Z1 processor and screen options, which are usually pivotal choices for handheld devices. Instead, ASUS has prioritized enhancements such as doubling the battery capacity, improving ergonomics and controllers, and replacing the proprietary XG Mobile eGPU connector with two USB4 ports.


Is the additional $200 justified by these upgrades? It’s a subjective decision, but most gamers should weigh the benefits of the original model, especially if they prioritize SD card usage and longer battery life—known issues with the original model.

Both the Legion Go and MSI Claw have seen smaller price reductions, ranging from $71 to $100. Additionally, MSI has announced plans to update their Core Ultra 100-based system to the Core Ultra 200-series. Considering the price and performance relative to the ROG Ally series, the current Claw model may face significant challenges in attracting buyers at this stage.

Source: BestBuy