Zephyr Launches ITX-Sized GeForce RTX 4070 With A Single Fan

Zephyr, headquartered in China, has recently introduced the Sakura Blizzard, an ITX-sized GeForce RTX 4070 graphics card. Featuring the NVIDIA AD104-250 chip and boasting 12 GB of GDDR6X memory, this GPU fits within compact dimensions of 172 x 123 x 42 mm. While taller than standard PCIe brackets, it remains compatible with most Mini-ITX cases thanks to its two-slot cooling system.

IMG 1950

The Sakura Blizzard stands out with its distinctive pink shroud and single cooling fan. Despite its unique appearance, the card delivers impressive thermal performance. Zephyr’s innovative design reportedly achieves up to a 10°C temperature reduction for both the GPU and memory compared to dual-fan RTX 4070 models.

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Recent independent thermal tests reveal that the fan consistently operates at 2,400 RPM, maintaining the GPU temperature at approximately 73°C under load in a 25°C ambient environment. Synthetic benchmark evaluations indicate that despite its compact size, this model matches the performance of larger RTX 4070 variants. Upon its initial release in China, the model quickly sold out at a price of around 122 USD (850 yuan).

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The popularity of this model highlights the increasing interest in compact graphics solutions, particularly as Zephyr plans to release a second batch by mid-July. The debut of the Sakura Blizzard aligns with NVIDIA’s recent “SFF-ready” design standards unveiled at Computex 2024, signaling a shift in the industry towards more space-efficient graphics cards as the RTX 40 series gains traction in the market.

Source: Zephyr