The best and most affordable computer set-ups for online gambling

It is advisable to understand the things you can achieve with your desktop before you decide on your next PC to buy. That should actually be the number one consideration in your personal computer buying guide. The fact remains that there is no need for high-end and very powerful computers when it comes to betting. The reason we say this is because almost all the betting tasks you will accomplish on your PC will not demand any form of high computer power.  However, the desktop you need is one that can at least power two monitors without hiccup, offer casino games and run software that is web based. These are the major areas where processing power is necessary.

But worry no more as we’ve discovered some amazing options for you. To help you make the best choice in iGaming computer, we have listed the options below. To help you when you need to get an alternative option, we will run down on the specs of the computers we are recommending. So, you can search for others with the same specs if you don’t go with the ones listed. Armed with the knowledge of your new computer set-up, after you buy, why not test your PC’s capabilities on Nektan.Casino’s list of sites here.

The Minimum Recommended Specs

Windows 10 and above

2.4GHz+ dual-core processor

256GB SSD or 250GB HDD


The next thing for us to do is have a look at the options that tick off the entire criteria mentioned above and are very affordable at the same time.

However, before we move further, it is very good to note that there are many wonderful refurbished computer deals on Amazon. However, the constant change in the availability of these refurbished computers will not allow us to feature them in the list below. We made sure that the list below does not contain any computer above $750 (£600). However, you can lay your hands on refurbished computers that will serve your matched betting and casino playing needs perfectly for the price of $375 (£300).

  1. HP Elite 8300 SFF Desktop PC

This computer will run your entire betting needs without hitches. It can handle every type of software out there, including the power intensive Poker HUD software and low-power matched betting software. The greatest advantage here is that it comes to you at a very cheap rate and still offers all these specs. None is cheaper than this in the market.

  • Features

Windows 10

Intel Core i5-3470 3.20 GHz



  1. Dell OptiPlex Desktop PC

The Dell PC is another cheap computer that can offer you amazing reliability. Here, you can run a lot of markets on your trading software and enjoy your high definition YouTube videos without fear. Another good attribute of this desktop computer is that it comes with extra storage space, and who doesn’t like that?

  • Features

Windows 10

Intel i5-2400 Quad Core

240GB SSD + 500GB HDD


  1. ADMI Desktop Gaming PC

This is the option for people that want to invest a little more on their desktop computer. You will still buy this below $375 (£300), and it still comes with a very large hard drive and an advanced graphics card. You will not only enjoy the functionality or utility, but also the elegant look, occasioned by the colored and adjustable LED lights. This will process faster than the other cheaper ones on the list, so you are saved from any form of lag when you are running a lot of programs at the same time.

  • Features

AMD A10-9700 QUAD Core

1TB Hard Drive

8GB DDR4 2400Mhz RAM

Radeon R7 Graphics

  1. Fierce MA-11 Budget Gaming PC

Now, this system is designed as a gaming computer, but it serves the purpose for matched betting and the running of several betting and casino software programs wonderfully well. A look at the specs reveals that it will give you more than what you want. However, because it is from a relatively unknown brand, you will also enjoy the benefit of not paying too much for it too.

There are many other computers that will deliver amazing matched betting functions for you. So, you won’t find it difficult to find systems with the minimum requirements we mentioned earlier above. All you need to do is look around and select something that you can afford. Also, consider the reviews placed by other users, as this will help you to understand what to expect from the product.

  • Mouse and Keyboard Set

And finally, this is where you go for something very practical and at the same time very stylish. Consider the type that has enough space between the keys. This is to avoid entering the wrong stake in the bid to place a bet fast. Mistyping could cost you a lot. But with a good keypad, the chances will be reduced. This will also come with a wireless mouse.