The Best Browsers for Mac OS In 2021

Your browser is what links your Mac to servers and other computers across the globe. Your choice of a browser should be made with your unique browsing needs and internet habits in mind. All Macs come with a pre-installed Safari browser, which is a decent browser in many respects. However, there’s nothing wrong with installing a few alternatives just in case Safari gives up the ghost. Here are a few top browsers to give a try:

1.    Internet Explorer

While it may feel counterintuitive to install a Microsoft product on an Apple device, Internet Explorer has been shown to run incredibly smoothly on Macs. One of the biggest reasons people try to download Internet Explorer for Mac is the browser’s greater ease of use. IE has been in the game longer than any of today’s mainstream browsers, so many people are familiar with how it works. It is also fairly secure, with the SmartScreen feature offering perfection in preventing access to malicious sites.

2.    Firefox

Developed by the Mozilla Foundation, Firefox has been around since 2002 and has special versions for each of the top smartphone and PC operating systems: macOS, iOS, Windows, Linux, etc. The browser is offered in 79 different languages. Its main features include Smart Bookmarks, private browsing, a download manager, geolocation, live bookmarking, incremental find, tabbed browsing, and spell checking.

3.    Chrome

Google Chrome is, without a doubt, the king of browsers both among mobile and computer users. Half of the internet users worldwide use it to access the internet. Its popularity stems from Google promising uncompromising speed and delivering when they launched it in 2008. While it may not be the speed it used to be champion anymore, the browser still offers an excellent user experience and comes with an extensive list of extensions as well as a superb download manager.

4.    Opera

Opera has well over 300 million users worldwide, with pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, easy-to-use copy-and-paste features, and a free VPN service serving as its main selling points. Opera’s users on Mac also have the option to use turbo mode, which reduces loading times by compressing web data before sending it. Additionally, the browser checks domains for malware and phishing before letting you in, making it perfect for people who prioritize their data security.

5.    Torch

Albeit less popular than most of the other options on this list, Torch is perhaps the most unique and functionality-filled browser. The Chromium-based freeware displays websites and lets you share sites directly on social media and download torrents using an inbuilt torrent client. You can also use it to download Vine and Instagram videos without installing a third-party extension. On top of that, Torch comes with a service called Torch Music, which lets users organize YouTube videos.


Each of the above browsers comes with a list of pros and cons that you can best understand by giving them a go on your computer. However, you can save yourself this time-consuming process by checking reviews and comparisons on the internet and only trying out what you think answers your description of a proper browser.