The best Open World PC games to Mod

With the poor quality of games in the console market, PC gaming is now the go to place for avid gamers – particularly in the Open World niche.

Known in the early Windows 95 days for the quick to play (and rather limited!) Solitaire and Minesweeper, gaming PC’s have evolved into true modern beasts. The likes of the condensed Alienware Aurora R5, liquid-cooled Lenovo Erazer X700 and other overclocked custom machines has transformed everything from the latest releases to the common interactive online casino slot.

But with so many titles to choose from, what are the best open world games to explore and with mods? Gaming platforms are a cheaper way to have fun and often there are some juicy bonus codes Canada to help you start.

Skyrim is just one of the many first-rate games available. The Elder Scrolls V is an open action role playing game and an absolute classic.

Whilst it may sound like a cliché when reviewing fantasy games, the virtual world is completely brought to life and is open for you to roam in any way you may like. And you can explore with any type of character you can ever think of with this system allowing you to play in any way you want and define who you are by your behaviour.

Arm your character with anything you desire, there is a whole plethora of weapons and spells at your disposal and each character has their very own unique abilities. Mods for Skyrim include many visual improvements and roleplaying enhancements such as Thomas the Tank Engine Dragons, Flying Pirate ships and a Death Star in the night sky!


Fallout 4
Fallout 4 is another PC game with rave reviews albeit a lot more recent than Skyrim. Also an exploration role-playing game, it is your job to ensure survival. You enter an apocalyptic world destroyed by nuclear war and happen to the only survivor of Vault 111.

It’s up to you to rebuild the Wasteland, every decision you make is vital as it could prove to be your last. The difficultly of the decision making adds to the excitement of playing the game as you are snatched from reality and thrust into this virtual world with devastating surroundings.

The graphics may not match the jaw dropping quests of the game but they are still brilliantly done and much better than its Fallout 3 predecessor. For organized gamers out there, mods allow you to create a set of crafting menus for several categories for clothes, weapons and armour, whilst also introducing the option to modify armour.

If you really want to take things to the next level, you can mod in your own death claw army and increase the number of allies you can have follow you around to create your own PMC!

Just Cause 2

Just Cause 2 boasts flawless graphics as well as brilliant game play. Rico Rodriguez is the protagonist of this open-world adventure immersed in the beautiful tropical city of Panau, a fictional nation of South East Asia.

Mods of Just Cause 2 may just be the best thing about the game. The Bolopatch mod adds a touch of humour and general awesomeness as it allows users to create endless tethers across the city and for those who are struggling to get to grips; it lets you enable unlimited health and ammo.

There is also the option to add first-person shooter changing the whole view of the game.

Just cause 2 also has an incredible community made multiplayer mod that you just have to check out. Definitely one to pick up on the cheap

Grand Theft Auto: 5
Grand Theft Auto V will blow you away. Set in the beautiful city of Los Santos it is perhaps the best open world game there has been. With a compelling single player story and a bustling, open world environment to explore there is so much to do and so much to mod.

Mods for Grand Theft Auto are endless, from jetpacks, to Star Destroyers, to playable chickens and flying cruise ships you can do just about anything. Be careful that you don’t take any of your mods with you online though as many users have found themselves banned by Rockstar.

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