Thermaltake Armor A90 Case Review

A Look Inside
Getting inside the case is pretty simple; of course you have thumbscrews for easy removal of the side panel.  Once we have the side panel removed you can take a look inside.  Thermaltake has gone with the all black interior.  This has also started to become standard on many cases.  The interior design is pretty basic.

Thermaltake Armor A90 Case Thermaltake Armor A90 Case

Looking at the front of the cases there is a large storage section that will hold 6 3.5-inch drives.  The drives can be easily secured with the tool-less locking devices.  Moving up you have the same type of tool-less locking devices on the top 3 5.25-inch drive bays.  Also if we take a look at the intake fan it is a LED fan, which should light up the inside of the case nicely.

Thermaltake Armor A90 Case Thermaltake Armor A90 Case

Moving towards the back of the case you can see there is a honeycomb filter where your PSU will sit.  This will not only prevent dust, but also help with cooling your power supply.  Moving up you can see both of the exhaust fans.  The top fan is a large 200mm LED fan and the back fan is a 120mm fan.  Take note that the power connectors on both fans are sleeved, something that is not all that common with case fans.

Thermaltake Armor A90 Case Thermaltake Armor A90 Case

There is a large cut out where your CPU will be.  This will allow you to install certain CPU coolers without having to remove your motherboard from the case.

Thermaltake Armor A90 Case

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