Thermaltake Core P5 Chassis Review

Final Thoughts
If you like this case or not you have to say that it is pretty awesome to see Thermaltake come out with a case like this. This is something we would only see from custom builders or small companies in limited runs. This means a case like this would typically be more expensive too, but Thermaltake is bringing it in at a very affordable $149.99. At that price anyone can turn their PC into a wall-mounted system or a work of art! The way this case displays hardware is quite unique and looks awesome!

Thermaltake Core P5

The Core P5 is quite flexible and can hold a lot of hardware. You have room for motherboards up to ATX, long graphics card, at least 4 hard drives, a ton of watercooling and more! This really is a builders case and gives you a lot of different options when designing your system. This is where you’ll need to sit down and plan out where your components will go and how you want them installed.

While installation was not terribly hard the instructions that Thermaltake provides are pretty bad and do not show the different possibilities with the chassis. I was told Thermaltake will be releasing a build video, which might help a lot of people. But it would just be nice to know certain things like where are all the mounting points on the case for a hard drive? How long of tubing will I need for watercooling? Things like that.

The only other real issue with this case that I found is that it more or less does not support AiO watercooling units. While some may work, most will not. Thermaltake’s own Water 3.0 line does not work. I know this is a builders and a DIY case, but many people who are building their own systems do use AiO coolers.

At the end of the day this is a very unique chassis and one you can use to display your hardware. There are not many cases like this out there. It is great that Thermaltake is keeping the price down too, you can’t complain at the $149.99 pricetag. This is one case I will be holding on to for a future build. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Thermatake Core P5 Chassis a 9 out of 10 score.

– Extremely unique case
– Can be used to display your hardware
– Can be wall-mounted
– Can fit a lot of hardware and watercooling

– Installation instructions could be a lot better
– Does not support most AiO coolers

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