Thermaltake ISGC Fan 12 Review

ISGC Fan Overview

At first glance you may think that the ISGC fan is just like other fans, but upon further inspection you can see that the design is totally different. The fan blades have a more oval design and there is a small indent on the end of each blade. This design is patented by Thermaltake and is supposed to reduce total noise by 3% and increase airflow by 15%.

Thermaltake ISGC Fan 12 Thermaltake ISGC Fan 12

All of the ISGC fans have a hydro dynamic bearing, which not only reduces noise level, but also extends the life time of the fan up to 50,000 hours. All of these fans have a black outer casing with white fan blades, something new for Thermaltake, but I like it.

Thermaltake ISGC Fan 12 Thermaltake ISGC Fan 12

Also connected to the fan is a variable speed knob so you can adjust the fan to whichever speed you like. Speeds should vary around 800 – 1300RPM.

Thermaltake ISGC Fan 12


Well I decided to test the ISGC against a similar fan, so I used the 140mm Turbo fan included with the Thermaltake Element S case. I placed each fan on the desk and powered my system on. I first placed my hand over each fan so see which one was putting out the most air and of course it was the ISGC fan.

Thermaltake ISGC Fan 12 Thermaltake ISGC Fan 12

The Turbo fan runs at 1000RPM, whereas the ISGC run around 800RPM at slow speed and 1300RPM at high speed. At high speed the ISGC fan puts out much more air then the Turbo fan, at low speed it puts out about just as much as the Turbo fan, even though it is running 200RPM slower! I wish we had a DB meter here at ThinkComputers, but we do not, so to test the sound of the fans I put my ear down to both fans and as expected the ISGC fan was very quiet, much quieter than the Turbo fan.

Final Thoughts

It’s good to see someone coming up with a new design on the ordinary fan, and you would expect that from Thermaltake who are one of the leaders in the PC cooling niche. I like that this fan is much quieter than other fans and also pushes out a lot more air.

ISGC fans only come in 120mm for now. You can find the 120mm online for about $16.99, which is a few dollars more than other 120mm fans, but you are getting what you pay for. Overall ThinkComputers give the Thermaltake ISGC Fan 12 a 10 out of 10 score and our Recommended Award!


– Very quiet
– Pushes a lot of air
– Integrated fan controller
– Innovative


– None!


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