Thermaltake NiC C4 CPU Cooler Review

Final Thoughts
Hats off again to Thermaltake for bringing another great cooling product to market. I had little expectation for this neat, compact cooler going into this review; but was quickly impressed. From the downright graceful engineering that created the fan brackets, to the perfect mirror finish, the product design and quality is above par. For installation and material quality it ranks high on the list of ease of use and top notch. There simply is nothing to positively critique or shun this cooler for. Performance is right where is should be for it’s price point as a mid level air cooler.

The only, and I mean only thing you can slight this cooler for is perhaps it’s color choice. Black and red while dashing in a color matching rig alienates at least half the market because of how badly it will clash. And yes it will look great on any of the ROG ASUS boards, I don’t feel that most owners of those $400 motherboards are looking for mid level cooling. So come on Thermaltake offer this cooler is some more color choices please? awards the Thermaltake NiC C4 with a 10 out of 10 score!

– Design
– Fit and Finish
– Ease of Use
– Performance at price point
– Price

– Color choice