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Thronmax MDrill One Pro Studio Kit Review

Thronmax. No, that’s not the name of the villain in the latest Michael Bay movie, nor is it a weapon name from Borderlands 3. Thronmax is a new-to-us company that creates audio components like microphones and related accessories. In particular, the MDrill One Pro and it’s associated Studio Kit product. The MDrill One Pro Studio Kit is comprised of the MDrill One Pro microphone, foam windscreen, pop filter, microphone stand adapter and thread changer, a 3 meter USB cable, protective sleeve, travel case, and user guide. In this review we will be focusing on the MDRill One Pro itself, though we will touch on each item in the kit through the process. Designed with great features like multiple polar patterns, on-board gain control, and in-line monitoring, the MDrill One Pro is poised to be a great microphone to get started with.

Special thanks to Thronmax for providing the MDrill One Pro Studio Kit review sample!


Sample Rate: 96kHz
Bit Rate: 24bit
Capsule: 3 x 16mm condenser
Polar Patterns: Cardioid, Stereo, Bi-Directional, Omni-Directional
Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz
Connectivity: USB Type-C
Headphone Output: 1/8″/3.5mm
Controls: Polar Pattern, Gain, Volume, Mute, LED Color


Our review sample showed up on our doorstep packed in a standard cardboard box, which was providing protective duties for the retail-package within. Unfortunately, through either some rough shipping, inadequate packing materials, or other means, the retail box for the kit was quite banged up. Thankfully, the retail packing held up to the task, and kept everything inside secure. Looking at the top of the box we see an image of the microphone in its stand, and are provided with a list of included accessories in the kit.

Thronmax MDrill One Pro Stream Kit Thronmax MDrill One Pro Stream Kit

With the box opened up, we see the included travel case, which was housing most of the included kit components inside. We would have really liked to see a bit better fitment for the retail box, as the travel case was pretty loose within, and just didn’t have a very professional look to it when making its first impression.

Thronmax MDrill One Pro Stream Kit


As this is a kit of sorts, there are quite a few extra items included with the MDrill One Pro.

First and foremost is the travel case, with its firm exterior and cloth wrappings. The travel case has room for the microphone itself, as well as the included accessories, which helps to keep things all in one place. The zippered lid of the travel case ensures it will stay closed until unzipped, and a carrying handle is provided for easy transportation.

Thronmax MDrill One Pro Stream Kit Thronmax MDrill One Pro Stream Kit

Inside the travel case, we see a mesh pocket on the lid side for holding some of the included accessories, while the opposite side offers molded spaces for the microphone and included stand, as well as the microphone arm adapter.

Thronmax MDrill One Pro Stream Kit

Overall, the travel case isn’t very heavy duty, but it will definitely provide enough protection for daily use.

Also included with the MDrill One Pro is a circular pop filter with flexible arm and threaded clamp.

Thronmax MDrill One Pro Stream Kit

Other items include a microphone arm adapter to allow the MDrill One Pro to be installed on a standard microphone arm, as well as a thread adapter to convert from 3/8″ to 5/8″ threads.

Thronmax MDrill One Pro Stream Kit

A three meter braided USB cable is also included, and offers a 90-degree Type-C connector on one end, and a standard Type-A connector on the other. Additionally, there is a small protective sleeve that can be used to protect the microphone when it is not stored within the travel case, along with a few Thronmax stickers, and a quick start guide.

Thronmax MDrill One Pro Stream Kit