Top 10 Gadgets for Translators

Translators continue to become more and more needed in the work market as more and more companies decide to expand their influence to other parts of the world. Translation offers the opportunity for communication between different people of different countries and can help connect people in a unique kind of way.

Whether you wish to become a translator or you want to make your current work a lot easier, there are many tools and gadgets which can help you improve your services and make it a lot easier. Here are some of the top 10 gadgets or tools for translators that you might just need.

  1. Ili

Have you ever wished there was a portable translator that you could use wherever you went? Even if you just need something to help you increase the accuracy of your translation or if you are working with people in real life, on a daily basis as a translator, Ili can take a lot of pressure off your shoulders and help you increase the quality of your translations in no time.

This portable little gadget doesn’t even need a Wi-Fi connection to work and can translate everything you say from English to Japanese, Mandarin or Spanish with excellent accuracy. If you work with any of these languages, this might just be a great little tool for you.

  1. Online dictionaries

No matter the level of experience, every translator will need the help of a dictionary at some point. Not only is this good for learning new vocabulary from different niches but it’s also good when it comes to improving your services.

Some great examples of dictionaries that you can find online is The Free Dictionary, which supports many common languages and offers multiple definitions of words, a thesaurus and of course an online translator. You can also use this dictionary for the different niches you might be translating for. If you’re looking for more simple dictionaries, this can be of great help to you.

  1. Google Pixel Buds

Another little gadget that came to change the way we view translation, Google’s translation ear buds are here to offer a service similar to that of Ili, but adding a lot more languages to the game.

If you’re just starting out as a translator and want to get to know a language better, this gadget could really help you understand how to put sentences together in various languages and even learn the right pronunciation of many different words.

  1. Grammarly

One of the things that’s important for a translator is to make sure that the text they translate is free or errors, grammatical and spelling mistakes. This simply helps them make their translations more reliable and professional and allows them to provide better quality services.

A professional translator will probably have Grammarly installed on their laptops. This great and powerful tool allows you to check your text at the time that you write it and make sure that it’s free of errors, without you putting a lot of effort or time into checking your work.

  1. Travis The Translator

Another portable translating device, Travis speaks 60 languages and allows you to have the best translation on the spot. The creators of this gadget have kept in mind all kinds of business while creating it and want to offer accurate translations whether they have to do with medical terms or any other niche.

So, no matter what you need to translate, Travis can help you get an accurate translation in all sorts of fields and allow you to make sure that your texts are free of mistakes and that you can provide good quality services.

  1. OpenOffice

If you’re looking for something that will help you store all your translation information in one place and help you edit your text with ease, then OpenOffice is a great tool for you.

Not only it is free to use, but it is also very easy to understand and can be used in many languages. There are many similar types of software online which you can get, but this is the only one that is completely free of charge and so easy to get to learn.

  1. Linguee

This is a unique translation tool which can help you combine a dictionary as well as a search engine so you can translate any expressions from one language to the other without losing context. This is a great tool to use as you will be able to translate from one language to another with bigger accuracy.

The best thing about this tool is that it also searches the web for any documents that are similar to yours and allows you to see how a word or phrase is being translated so you can compare it to the way you translated it and get the best results.

  1. Mersiv

This is a truly amazing device which features a microphone, a camera as well as headphones, which come in the small package of a stylish necklace. This little gadget might not exactly be a translator but it is a device that will help you create a series of mini lessons which will help you learn the language that you wish.

Everything that this little device teaches you have been based on your own experience with the language and therefore can help you adjust your learning experience to your own personal translation needs.

  1. Dropbox

One of the things every translator needs is a place to store all of their files and keep track of their records. Most translators will not only work on one niche and therefore they will need to keep a list of commonly used terms and phrases in each language.

Dropbox is pretty much an online storage unit which can help a translator keep all of their important files in one place and easily share them with their clients or whoever else they might need. This solves a lot of problems and can really make their job a lot more manageable.

Last but not least, a device worth mentioning has to be SignAloud. This little tool is essentially a pair of gloves which were created in order to help translate American Sign Language into speech or text. While this might not help translators who work behind a computer, it can prove to be a great source of help for those who work with people and even give new working opportunities to people with disabilities.

Which of these tools and gadgets would you be interested in trying yourself?

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