Toshiba OCZ RC100 240GB Solid State Drive Review

Drive Information & Testing Procedures
To get things started you’ll need to install the Toshiba OCZ RC100 in an open M.2 slot on your motherboard. Once we have the drive installed and formatted we can see we have 227 GB of usable space.

Opening up CrystalDiskMark we can see that we are using NVMe Express 1.2. You’ll also notice the higher than normal temperature, this might have to do with the controller and flash being on the same BGA package.

This drive is compatible with very useful SSD Utility. This gives you quite a lot of data on the drive, tweaking options, do a secure erase, and update the firmware.

For testing the drive we will be using the following benchmarking programs, we have provided links to each so you can run the benchmarks on your drive for comparison.

Sisoftware Sandra Physical Disks Benchmark (download)
ATTO Disk Benchmark (download)
CrystalDiskMark 64bit (download)
AS SSD Benchmark (download)
Anvil Storage Utility Professional (download)
PCMark 8 – Storage Benchmark (download)
AIDA64 Storage Benchmark (download)

We also made these optimization changes…

– No power saving options in the BIOS
– ACHI enabled in the BIOS
– Windows 10 User Account Control (UAC) is disabled
– Windows 10 power saving settings are disabled

So let’s get into testing!

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