Track a cell phone: Worrying trends modern parents are facing

These Worrying Trends Should Make You Track a cell phone under Your Child’s Custody
Parenting is a challenging task for all parents, and in particular, those of us who are raising teenagers in this tech-savvy generation. The reason is that our kids are getting exposed to technological advancement and possibilities that we hardly imagined two decades ago. As the world becomes complicated, we are now allowing kids to use mobile phones, but these privileges are also coming with their own unique challenges and threats. With such dynamics at play, parents find it necessary to track a cell phone under their children’s custody. But how are the mobile phones you give to your kids turning into tools of distraction and destruction?

According to numerous studies across various countries, teenagers are the most vulnerable lot when it comes to the dangers of online activities. In particular, the social media is the most active platform they are using to expose themselves to danger and abuse. To them, social networks provide them with a platform to prove how “cool” and “smart” they are while exploring a new realm of perceived freedom. However, the trends that are taking shape from these engagements are a real cause of alarm for any caring parent. Below are some of the danger signs that should provoke you to take action and get in touch with what your child does behind the scenes. This way, you can inform yourself and deal with these potential dangers your children are exposed to and use a mobile spy app.

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Negative peer pressure:A solid reason to track a cell phone

The first negative effect that unregulated social media usage exposes your child to is the negative peer pressure that it exposes your kids to. As a parent, you cannot ignore negative peer pressure since it is a source of many threats such as peer pressure, which can lead to a low self-esteem. The reason is that social media platforms such as Facebook have provisions for “likes” that set the stage for competition. A good example is where a teenage girl watches her friends’ photos receiving more “likes” than her’s can easily turn her into an avid attention seeker seeking to please people to prove to them that they are “also sexy and cool.” Additionally, when your child falls victim to peer pressure, they are most likely to give in to loose morals so they can “fit” and “belong” with their peers. For instance, your kids can turn to drinking and drugs as a way of making a “statement.”

H2: Depression

Depression is another worrying trend that is taking toll on the emotional well-being of teens. With depression, your child is a potential victim of other more serious complications such as mental distractions that could affect their concentration and education of your child. In addition, when not handled properly and on time, depression can lead to suicidal thoughts and even suicide in worst-case scenarios. Lastly, depression that arises from social media can lead to emotional instability that can adversely affect how your child relates to people and themselves.

Sleep deprivation and disorder

It is not a secret that most kids enjoy doing their rounds on social networks in the night, especially when their parents are not watching by taking advantage of the privacy of their bedrooms and blankets. Due to this unregulated environment, it is not surprising that they interfere with their sleeping hours and patterns, and hence, leading to sleep deprivation and disorder. You should also know that sleep disorders are a good recipe for poor health, inability to concentrate, and a general lack of concentration in life.

Internet addiction

Another potential danger that unregulated social media exposes your child to is Internet addiction. Just as with all other forms of addictions, an addiction to the Net can destroy their ability to focus on other pertinent and critical issues in real life.


Additionally, excessive exposure to the social media makes your child vulnerable to cyber criminals. Currently, it is no longer strange for kids to fall prey to online harassment. For instance, we are now hearing of cases where teenagers and adults are committing suicide because of being bullied on the Net. For example, a young university student in her twenties hanged herself after bullying on Facebook in April 2017. This Tanzanian woman had posted her plight explaining the issues she was going through after her boyfriend dumped her with their child. She was expecting to receive help and encouragement but the group members mistook her for an attention seeker and bullied her.

These are enough reasons to provoke you to action, and not despondency. With these facts at your fingertips, you are better placed to know what is happening and take the necessary action to prevent a possible calamity.

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