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Tt eSPORTS BAHAMUT External Sound Card Review

Setup & Usage
Getting the BAHAMUT set up is extremely easy. Just place it where it is most comfortable for you on your desk then plug it in to an open USB port on your PC. I have a standing desk and my tower is on the floor and the USB cable on the BAHAMUT was more than long enough.

Tt eSPORTS BAHAMUT External Sound Card

Once you have the BAHAMUT plugged in Windows will automatically recognize it and install drivers. Once the drivers are installed you can select it in your audio devices and start using it. You will notice it will light up quite nicely when in use.

Tt eSPORTS BAHAMUT External Sound Card

I have been using the BAHAMUT with the Tt eSPORTS Captain Dracco stereo gaming headset and I am very impressed with the BAHAMUT. Audio is very clear and it is so much easier plugging the headset into a device on my desk rather than climbing under my desk and trying to find the plugs.

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