Tt eSPORTS Intros METALCAPS Keyboard Accessory

Tt eSPORTS has just launched their new METALCAPS keyboard accessory. These are exactly what you think they are, metal key caps for your mechanical keyboard. The METALCAPS are made of Zinc alloy and offer great durability and a solid feel when typing.


The METALCAPS will work on Tt eSPORTS Certified Mechanical switches/Cherry MX switches with cross shaped stems.

The Tt eSPORTS METALCAPS will come in four varieties, as follows:
– W A S D + Esc key
– Q W E R + Esc key
– ↑↓←→ + Esc key
– 38 keys combination (letters, punctiation, ↑↓←→, and Esc key)


The METALCAPS keyboard accessory will first go on sale in the USA, Taiwan and Germany during July with MSRP of $19.99 USD for the three varieties containing 5 keycaps and $69.99 for the 38 keycaps; Global rollout will soon follow after that. Please kindly refer to your local stores for information regarding its availability.

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