Valve ends SteamVR support for macOS

Valve made an announcement about ending the SteamVR support for the macOS. As a result, the company can allocate its resources for the PC and Linux platform. Valve will be ending support by the end of April. If there are any VR users on the platform, they can use the legacy builds.

Steam said via its post:

SteamVR has ended macOS support so our team can focus on Windows and Linux. We recommend that macOS users continue to opt into the SteamVR [macos] branches for access to legacy builds. Users can opt into a branch by right-clicking on SteamVR in Steam, and selecting Properties… -> Betas.

Apple, Inc. the cause of drop?

The other issue could be Apple’s inability to work with others. Apple, Inc.’s platform doesn’t like to play with known open source platforms. As a result, most discrete gaming solutions are not supported on the platform. This could have resulted in Valve ending its SteamVR support on the macOS.

One of the latest and notable VR games is Half-Life ‘Alyx‘. It shows Valve commitment and dedication towards VR gaming. Valve is known to explore Linux since the platform supports open-source low-level graphics API. mac is not.

Apple’s expansion towards AR/ VR headset has not seen any light of the day at the time of wiring… yet.

Source: Valve

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