Valve VR Headset A Reality, Pre-Orders Start May 2019

Back in November 2018 it was revealed that Valve could be working on their own VR headset, well it appears that leak was true. The device will be called the Valve Index and we really do not know all that much else about it. On the official Valve Index page on Steam all you have is the below image, which is someone holding the headset and the text that says “Upgrade your experience. May 2019”.

valve vr 1

Twitter User Wario64 also discovered Valve pages for the headset and controllers (which have since been deleted), but he was able to get these screenshots.

valve vr 2 valve vr 4

From what we can see this headset will likely have two wide-angle cameras with inside-out tracking, which would allow players to move around a room without having to worry about placing base stations or external tracking cameras. There is a slider on the top of the device, which is likely for IPD (interpupillary distance).

Besides that we really are not sure what else the device will feature, but it is likely to be much like the Oculus Quest and other second-gen VR headsets.

valve vr 3

As far as the controllers go we know that Valve had previously been working on its own set of so-called “knuckles” motion controllers that it’s been testing with developers for quite some time.

The official page for the Valve Index says May 2019, which is likely when it will be officially unveiled and when pre-orders start. The deleted Valve Index page said the device will ship June 15th.

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