Vissles LP85 Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard Review

Vissles LP85 Overview

When I first looked at the Vissles LP85 low-profile mechanical keyboard, my first thought was how much it looked like one designed for a Mac, but you know what? I am okay with having peripherals that look like they belong in a Mac environment. I looked more into the keyboard before I received it. I was, of course, excited to check out a low-profile mechanical keyboard, but what also makes this more unique is that it does not only have low-profile keys, but it also makes use of optical switches, which means even faster response time with your keystrokes.

The first thing one will notice is how thin the Vissles LP85 keyboard is. I mean, it would almost defy physics to get a mechanical keyboard any thinner than it already is. The footprint is also pretty impressive due to its 75% design. Note the lack of a number pad which makes it similar to a ten-less-key or TLK design. Now, if only laptop manufacturers could harness the power of low-profile mechanical (optical or not) switches for their keyboards, I bet there are many people out there who would love them.

Vissles LP85 Low-profile Mechanical Keyboard

The Vissles LP85 is a Kickstarter project boasting that it is the Thinnest Optical-Mechanical keyboard, and I have to say it is a very thin keyboard. This is the thinnest mechanical one I have ever tried out. I got the tape measure out so I could see with my own eyes how slim this keyboard truly is, and look at that, with the keys at the back, the keyboard is no higher than 5/8ths of an inch or about 15mm.

Vissles LP85 Optical-Mechanical Keyboard - Ultra thin

At the top of the keyboard, you will find the USB Type-C port alongside the mode toggle switch.

Vissles LP85 Optical-Mechanical Keyvboard - USB Type-C - Mode Toggle Switch

Let’s talk about the keys themselves. The key caps on the Vissles LP85 are not PBT but ABS, so you might start to wear them out over time. The spacing between the keys is similar to the Apple Magic Keyboard, so those using the Vissles keyboard will probably feel at home. Windows and or Linux users might take a little bit to get used to the closeness of the keys. The switches, X-optical, have a total travel distance of 2.5mm with a pre-travel of 1.2mm. For people unfamiliar with Optical switches, a light beam is broken when a key is depressed. In the case of Vissles LP85, that speed is 0.2ms. Optical switches give a legless key input experience which can be a favourite for gamers who need as little input lag as possible.

Vissles LP85 Optical-Mecahnical Keyboard X-Optical SwitchesVissles LP85 Optical-Mechanical Keyhboard - ABS Keycaps

How does the Vissles LP85 X-optical switch sound?

They are clicky and provide good tactile feedback, but are not overly clicky in my opinion. They definitely are not a silent click but I do not think they will be too much of an interruption in an office environment.