Vissles LP85 Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard Review

Setup & Lighting

One can use two modes with the Vissles LP85 keyboard: wired and Bluetooth. Setting up the Vissles LP85 keyboard wired is pretty straightforward as there is no software to download and install. Just plug the cable into an available USB port on your computer, and it will be automatically recognized and ready to use. If it is the first time with the keyboard, it would probably be best to plug it in to charge the internal lithium battery. After it is charged, you can keep it plugged in or switch to Bluetooth mode if that is how you want to use it. Setting up Bluetooth is a little different. You need to ensure your computer (or Bluetooth capable device) is awaiting to be paired, and then on the keyboard, you hold down fn and p keys for 5 seconds until the p key is flashing, It should then be able to pair it, and you can start using it.

A great little feature of the Vissles LP85 keyboard is that you can pair it up to 3 different Bluetooth-capable devices. I paired it to my Dell XPS laptop and my iPhone 12 Pro. Both devices paired effortlessly, and there is no noticeable lag when typing over Bluetooth. You can easily switch between the 3 devices using the keyboard commands WinKey and Q (device 1) or W (device 2) or E (device 3) depending on how many devices you have paired with it. This could be very handy if you have a Laptop and Tablet you want to switch back and forth between without needing a separate keyboard for each.

The Vissles LP85 does not come with any software but the manual does explain the various commands you will need, especially the first one I needed was to switch the default mode which is macOS to Windows: fn and a keys and to switch back to macOS with fn and s keys.

Now onto the RGBs. The Vissles LP85 does do individual back-lit RGB LEDs but there are only 19 dynamic effects one can choose. You can cycle through them by pressing the fn and del keys. Each effect can have 9 different colours you can choose from cycling between Rainbow, red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, pink and white. To cycle through the colours you do so by pressing the fn and right-arrow or left-arrow keys together. You can then increase the brightness by pressing fn and up-arrow keys or decrease the brightness by pressing the fn and down-arrow keys. If you want to increase or decrease the speed of the effects you can press fn and + (increase) or fn and (decrease). I would have personally loved to see some sort of software download where I could program each LED colour personally, it is a shame that they did not support this sort of feature.

Vissles Low-Profile Optical Mechanical Keyhboard - RGBVissle LP85 Optical Mechanical Keyboard - RGB Lighting