Windows 11 Is Slowing Down Some NVMe SSDs

Windows 11 had been found with some teething issues and now as it has been two months since its release, problems are still being diagnosed in the windows, or the past issues are being highlighted. A random decrease in performance of the NVMe SSD is being reported on Windows 11.

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The most commonly occurring issue is the decreasing of random writing speed which can become 4x slower than it used to be before the Window was updated. There cannot be a problem in a specific drive as it impacts many manufacturers. For some users the situation is even more drastic, random read speeds fall as well. Some people even complain that the problem is only with the drive on which Window 11 is installed. The other SSDs run at optimal speed in the same device. The write and read speeds are also normal and even perform better sometimes. This problem has not appeared recently as a matter of fact on Reddit, it has been reported as early as three months ago when there was the beta version of Windows 11.

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One Microsoft employee said that the company had noticed the problem and was working to eliminate it but this was about 90 days ago. The thread was active about a week ago and a similar thread is still active on Microsoft platforms.