Windows 95 Turns 17 Today!

Today, 17 years ago Windows 95 was released. The Windows 95 operating system really drove the personal computer revolution and really was the starting point for the operating systems we are using today. Windows 95 was a huge success for Microsoft as it quickly became the most popular operating system available. This popularity caused an antitrust case against Microsoft because they had bundled their Internet Explorer internet browser with Windows 95.


Windows 95 was a very nice upgrade to users of Windows 3.1. It moved things from a 16-bit architecture to a multitasked 32-bit architecture, had an improved graphical user interface (GUI), merged MS-DOS and Windows into one, and included the “plug and play” features we all have been used to for some time now.

There were a handful of updates for Windows 95 up until 1997. Three years after its release it would be succeeded by Windows 98, but it was fully supported by Microsoft until December 31, 2001.

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