X-mini UNO Capsule Speaker Review

Usage & Final Thoughts
Most of the time I spent using the speaker, I had my device plugged in via the built-in cable. I only had to recharge the speaker once during my more than month-long review. I’d say that I got about nine hours off of one charge. I think I used it the most while cleaning my house or galavanting around my hotel room while on vacation in Costa Rica.

X-mini UNO Capsule Speaker X-mini UNO Capsule Speaker

I made a video of the beginning of my review process.

I’m impressed with the bass kick for such a small device. While its bass range doesn’t quite cover the lowest of the lows, it’s enough for a mobile device. The deep, undulating bass at the beginning of The XX’s Islands is audible, and that’s probably among the lowest bass tones I can think of in the music to which I listen regularly.

X-mini UNO Capsule Speaker X-mini UNO Capsule Speaker

I would have liked to have a few more to test out the Buddy Jack system. I did simply verify it working by plugging into another speaker set I have.

Final Thoughts
The X-Mini UNO Capsule speaker makes for a great travel accessory or a portable speaker for working around the house. The audio quality doesn’t quite compare in frequency response and battery life with some of the higher-end devices in its category, but for the price of approximately $30-$40, it’s a great deal.

ThinkComputers gives the X-mini UNO Capsule Speaker an 8 out of 10 score.

rating8 10 small

– Affordable
– Compact
– Buddy System can provide additional speakers with audio

– Bass range isn’t wonderful, but this is a travel speaker, and those generally don’t have the best frequency response anyway
– I’d love to see real battery life be another few hours

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