Xbox Series X New All-Digital Model Leaked; Will Feature Upgraded Heatsink

The rumored all-digital edition of the Xbox Series X appears to be real and on its way, as leaked images offer a sneak peek at the yet-to-be-officially-announced console. The recently shared images by eXputer depict a system that closely resembles the current model, albeit with the absence of a disc drive.


According to the latest report, the upcoming system will feature some upgraded components like the heatsink, but overall, it won’t deviate much from the standard Xbox Series X. Moreover, it’s anticipated to hit the shelves sometime this summer at a price below $499.99 in the US, though the final pricing is yet to be confirmed.


For a while now, there have been rumors circulating about the development of an all-digital version of the Xbox Series X. However, it appears that Microsoft is not solely focusing on this hardware iteration. Alongside their next-gen Xbox, the company is reportedly exploring the possibility of launching a handheld gaming device capable of running Xbox games natively. Although Microsoft has not made a final decision, the existence of multiple prototypes indicates serious consideration for its release.


Source & Images: eXputer