YEYIAN Sigurd 4000 34-inch Gaming Monitor Review

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of this review this monitor is sort of what I expected. YEYIAN is a company we really had not heard of and they have this monitor which advertises great features and specifications and is priced quite well. After taking some time to use the display it is a pretty barebones display that will get the job done, but if you spend a bit more you can get a better display with more features and consistent performance.

When it comes to features this 34-inch VA panel is going to give you a maximum resolution of 3440 x 1440, 1500R curve, and support for both AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-SYNC technologies. Those type of specifications are going to give you a great gaming experience and we observed that playing many different games with the display. It is worth noting that both HDR and Adaptive Sync are turned off by default on the display. Also YEYIAN advertises HDR400 with this display, but in reality they list the brightness as 350 nits and that is as bright as we could get it really.

The design of the monitor is pretty much no frills with an all black design with thin bezels. On the back you do have some lighting, but it is always red and can only be static, turned off, or blinking. No other customization is available. Talking about customization, the menu system on the display is pretty clunky and when using it you definitely notice that the actual display moves a bit and is noticeably more unstable than others we’ve reviewed in the past. There is also no cable management built into the stand at all. The saving grace of the stand is that it does offer quite a lot of customization, you can tilt, pan, and move the display up and down.

Of course the best thing about this display is its price, right now you can pick it up at our favorite online retailer for $369.99 (and there is currently a $20 coupon). Overall ThinkComputers gives the YEYIAN Sigurd 4000 34-inch Gaming Monitor a 7 out of 10 score.

rating7 10

– Price
– Easy to setup
– Good overall performance
– Can tilt, pan, and move the display up and down

– Not really HDR400
– Display feels slightly unstable on the stand
– Lighting on the back is only a single color (red)
– Clunky OSD menu system

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