Z-RGB DDR5-8000 Memory Based On Hynix A-die Announced By NETAC

With the release of its first high-speed DDR5 memory solutions, NETAC follows G.Skill in the ranks of the industry’s pioneers.

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The company announced the release of new 16GB and 32GB system memory kits. Starting at 6200 MT/s CL32 at 1.35V, the Z-RGB series will also be offered at 6600 CL34, 7200 CL34, 7600 CL36, and 8000 CL38 speeds. The most powerful kit will require 1.5V and, most likely, a suitable motherboard.

Although the original news indicates that this RAM would be completely compatible with Intel and AMD motherboards, it does not specify if overclocking settings will be stored in XMP or EXPO profiles.

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Netac claims that these kits will utilize SK Hynix A-Die memory modules. There will be two color options for the memory itself: silver or black. In addition, each module includes an ARGB strip on top. All major motherboard brands will be supported with color synchronization.

According to reports, Z-RGB memory will be accessible beginning next year. However, a date and a price is yet to be announced.

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Via ITHome