1 Million Bitcoin Mining Systems Could Shift To Canada From China

Reportedly, a Chinese Bitcoin mining firm Optimum Mining Host will move 1 million Bitcoin mining rigs to Canada during the next 2 years. They are seeking help from Black Rock Petroleum Company.


The crypto crackdown in China has forced many mining operators to close while others are in search of an alternative. The two main reasons behind the ban are to have a carbon-neutral footprint, and the People’s Bank of China wants to move away from the volatile cryptocurrencies, which they mentioned in an official statement:

In certain regions of China, mining operations have already been closed, and the graphics card prices are witnessing a decline in China. Opium’s partnership with Black Rock Petroleum Company portrays the great scale at which mining operations were previously being held in China and how difficult it is for companies to move the equipment out of China.

In an official statement, the partners revealed the number of mining rigs being moved and their locations. A total of 1 million rigs will be allocated across 3 sites in Alberta, Canada.


The Statement doesn’t mention the way the moving cost will be split.

Tom’s Hardware also observed that Black Rock Petroleum has a very basic website which only uses stock images. The founder Zoltan Nagy holds both the President and Principal Controlling Executive Officer along with the posts of “Financial & Accounting Officer, Treasurer, Secretary, Director.” There are no headshots of executives in the about us section; instead, stock images have been used.

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